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Meskwaki Media Services

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Meskwaki Nation Times Submission Form

The Meskwaki Nation Times (MNT) is a monthly publication mailed to enrolled adult tribal members, ages 18 and older.  Digital copies are available to staff and community members on our website at

*Digital copies may exclude redacted tribal information like minutes, election info, etc.  This information is available in the member's only section of the website.

Submitter Information

Submissions will be shown as "authored" by the person filling out this form unless otherwise specified in the submitted information.

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Information and submissions for the MNT are due by the 20th of each month by 4:30 PM in order to be considered for the upcoming month's publication.  If the 20th falls on a weekend, the information may be turned in the following Monday by 4:30 PM.

Normal monthly publications are scheduled to be published and mailed during the first week of each month.  Special Editions are published any time at the descretion of Media Services and approved by the Executive Director or Tribal Council.

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*Please note that any information submitted that was not written by you including material that was copied, written, and/or obtained by anyone else and/or published in any form of media (i.e. magazine, newspaper, web article, etc.) MUST have a cite source included.  


This includes ALL utilized material, whether it be a single paragraph utilized within your submission or an entire article/report obtained elsewhere.  Please visit or to obtain correct cite information. 

Additional Communication Tools

If your submission includes an upcoming event, program, class, or other information you'd like to share/communicate with the community in other ways, please let us know where you'd like Media Services to post/publish the information.

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Meskwaki Media Services reserves the right to edit all submissions for content, length, and language.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  

*** Please be aware that any submitted information (documents, photos, and other content) become the property of the Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa.  By submitting, you agree that the person/people in the photos/content submitted know you are doing so and agree to this without compensation.  They understand that the item(s) will be published for public viewing.  Therefore, you understand and agree to release the Tribe, its subsidiaries, assigns and licensees from liablity associated with its use and have been granted permission from the person(s) in the photo and/or content to publish it.