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Meskwaki Nation

349 Meskwaki Road, Tama, IA, 52339, US


2021 Meskwaki Youth Deer Hunt Raffle Entry

Meskwaki Nation Police Department is inviting eight (8) Meskwaki Youth (ages 10-16 years) to go on a fun-filled day of deer harvesting with Conservation Officer Caleb Boyles, Sgt. Kole Northland, Officer Lee Simcox and MNR Intern Stacy Youngbear.

Hunt participants will have the opportunity to harvest two (2) deer – one to keep (hunter/family will be responsible for processing) and the other will be processed by Meskwaki Natural Resources and distributed to the Meskwaki Community.

Participants will be determined in a raffle drawing! **If you entered your child in the turkey hunt and their name was not drawn, their name is automatically entered TWICE in this hunt!


To enter your child in the raffle, please fill out the form below.

Youth's Full Name


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Participants of the Youth Deer Hunt will receive pants, shirt, sweatshirt, gloves and a hat from MNPD to use on the hunt and to keep after.

Please answer the following questions to ensure the correct clothing sizes are purchased for your child.

Parent/Guardian Name

Call MNPD for any questions at (641) 484-4844.